Ash Scattering

The scattering of ashes is a unique and beautiful way of saying a final farewell to a loved one. This has become increasingly popular over recent years and we have developed a bespoke service to sensitively help you and your family to experience closure in a way that brings the family together. We offer one of the best experiences which combines a private charter consisting of your closest family and friends with the opportunity to say a final farewell to your loved one all in style and in one of the most beautiful settings in the UK.

Our Ash scatterings take between one and two hours depending on location. We are also able to help with framing the moment with an outline of a few words, should you require a little help to express the moment.


Heading out of the Harbour we make our way to the Old Harry Rock formation where we usually anchor off. Here we take the opportunity to invite guests to say their final farewells from the bathing platform whilst laying the ashes on the water. Sometimes our guests bring flowers to throw onto the water as well. We have found that this increasingly popular service strikes an excellent balance between an emotionally helpful family moment and a true laying to rest in a dignified private setting. Our aim is to serve on your day, to make it an unforgettable experience and we are happy to discuss small changes to itinerary and special requests to make it work for you in the most fitting way.

 Ash Scattering pricing £395 for up to 6 guests, extra guests £40 each, maximum 12


£350 for up to 6 guests

£40 thereafter per guest - maximum 12 people

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Ashes At Sea
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